The Talkeetna Hang

IMG_2321Months of prep work and planing have brought us to this point.  completely packed, weighed in for the glacier flight into the Alaska Range and bad weather is now keeping us grounded.  The buzz of excitement we all felt when we arrived, organized gear and called friends and family 4 days ago is wearing off.  It is like groundhog day, wake up, eat a half standard at the roadhouse, go back to the aptly named “hangar” to wait for an update on the weather.  We try to entertain ourselves by fencing with wands and watching movies but each day around five o’clock in the afternoon we get the report that we are not going today and we make our way back to the Fairview.  After a few pints we pull up weather models on our phones and discus oIMG_2312ur dreary fate.  Though the Talkeetna Hang is trying our patients it is far more comfortable to be stuck in this small Alaskan town then pinned on the Ruth Glacier under the four feet of new snow that has just fallen.