Dhaulagiri is the seventh highest mountain in the world, 8167 meters (26,795 feet).  This massive hulk of snow, ice, and rock lies in Nepal’s Dhaulagiri Himal Range neighboring the Anapurna Range.  Dhaulagiri’s siren song has coerced climbers on to her slopes for over 60 years.  First summited in 1960 Dhaulagiri’s long approach, technical climbing, avalanche prone slopes, and high altitude continues to make this mountain a formidable challenge today.  In 1973 the third ascent of Dhaulagiri was made by an American team.

40 years later, in the Spring of 2013 myself and a strong team of American guides and alpinists will return to this iconic mountain to test ourselves on the steep slopes and thin air of Dhaulagiri.


We are always looking for support on our climbs, everything helps.  Some ways to contribute are; donations, sponsorships, purchase a photograph, T-shirt or hat, or join the team on a trek to Dhaulagiri Base Camp.  Thank you for your contributions.  Please enjoy this site.

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